Black Hole Entropy

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The entropy of black holes: a primer
by Thibault Damour (hep-th/0401160, 51 pages, 4 figures)

Microscopic Formulation of Black Holes in String Theory
by Justin R. David, Gautam Mandal, Spenta R. Wadia (hep-th/0203048, 166 pages, 4 figures)

Black Holes and String Theory
by Robert C. Myers (gr-qc/0107034)

The Quantum Physics of Black Holes: Results from String Theory
by Sumit R. Das, Samir D. Mathur (gr-qc/0105063, 49 pages, 4 figures)

TASI lectures on black holes in string theory
by Amanda W. Peet (hep-th/0008241, 80 pages, 8 figures)

Lectures on the Microscopic Modeling of the 5-dim. Black Hole of IIB String Theory and the D1-D5 System
by Spenta R. Wadia (hep-th/0006190, 58 pages)

Lectures on Superconformal Quantum Mechanics and Multi-Black Hole Moduli Spaces
by Ruth Britto-Pacumio, Jeremy Michelson, Andrew Strominger, Anastasia Volovich (hep-th/9911066, 29 pages, 4 figures)

Comments on Black Holes in String Theory
by Gary T. Horowitz (hep-th/9910082, 13 pages)

Black holes and the phases of brane thermodynamics
by Emil J. Martinec (hep-th/9909049, 29 pages, 12 figures)

Dynamics of D-brane Black Holes
by Steven S. Gubser (hep-th/9908004, 117 pages)

Black Holes, Branes and Superconformal Symmetry
by Renata Kallosh (hep-th/9901095, 34 pages)

Black holes and branes in string theory
by Kostas Skenderis (hep-th/9901050, 44pages)

The Bekenstein Formula and String Theory (N-brane Theory)
by Amanda W. Peet (hep-th/9712253, 53 pages)

Black Hole Thermodynamics from the point of view of Superstring Theory
by E.T.Akhmedov (hep-th/9711153, 40 pages)

Black Holes and D-branes
by Juan M. Maldacena (hep-th/9705078, 13 pages, 2 figures)

Quantum States of Black Holes.
by Gary T. Horowitz (gr-qc/9704072, 33 pages)

Properties of Black Holes in Toroidally Compactified String Theory
by Mirjam Cvetic (hep-th/9701152, 10 pages)

Black Holes in String Theory
by Juan M. Maldacena (hep-th/9607235, 80 pages, 8 figures)

String Physics and Black Holes
by Leonard Susskind, John Uglum (hep-th/9511227, 20 pages, 6 figures)