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Aspects of Born-Infeld Theory and String/M-Theory
by G W Gibbons (hep-th/0106059, 29 pages)

Born-Infeld action, supersymmetry and string theory
by A.A. Tseytlin (hep-th/9908105, 37 pages)

Nonabelian Phenomena on D-branes
by Robert C. Myers (hep-th/0303072)

Worldvolume Dynamics of Branes
by J. M. Camino(hep-th/0210249, 196 pages, 12 figures)

Many faces of Born-Infeld theory
by Sergei V. Ketov (hep-th/0108189, 12 pages)

Born-Infeld action and Supersymmetry (in spanish)
by Guillermo A. Silva (hep-th/0012267, 149 pages, 4 figures)

Born-Infeld Action in String Theory
by Konstantin G. Savvidy (hep-th/9906075, 83 pages)

Born-infeld theory on