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[http://www.agmf.astralgo.eu/ Algebra, geometry and mathematical physics]<br>
[http://www.agmf.astralgo.eu/ Algebra, geometry and mathematical physics]<br>
11-13 October 2007, Göteborg (Sweden), Baltic-Nordic Workshop
11-13 October 2007, Göteborg (Sweden), Baltic-Nordic Workshop

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Algebra, geometry and mathematical physics
11-13 October 2007, Göteborg (Sweden), Baltic-Nordic Workshop

Symmetries of String Theory
26-31 August 2007, Ascona (Switzerland)

String theory and the real world - From particle physics to astrophysics
2-27 July 2007, Les Houches (France)

Benasque workshop: Strings 007
1-13 July 2007, Benasque (Spain)

Strings 07
25-29 June 2007, Madrid (Spain)

Symmetry in nonlinear mathematical physics
24-30 June 2007, Kiev (Ukraine)

Petrov school on recent problems in theoretical and mathematical physics
22 June - 3 July 2007, Kazan (Russia)

Lie theory and its applications in physics
18-24 June 2007, Varna (Bulgaria)

Pre-strings 2007: Workshop on Gravitational Aspects of Strings and Branes
18-22 June 2007, Granada (Spain)

Gravity, Astrophysics and Strings at the Black Sea
10-16 June 2007, Kiten (Bulgaria)

Planck 07
8-13 June 2007, Warsaw (Poland)

Mini-course on derived categories
4-16 June 2007, Salt Lake City (USA)

String phenomenology 2007
4-8 June 2007, Frascati (Italy)

School on noncommutative geometry, field theories and quantum gravity
14-18 April 2007, Oran (Algeria)

IPM String school and workshop
9-18 April 2007, Tehran (Iran)

Spring School on superstring theory and related topics
22-30 March 2007, Trieste (Italy)

String and M theory approaches to particle physics and cosmology
19 March - 22 June 2007, Florence (Italy)

International Workshop On Theoretical High Energy Physics
15-20 March 2007, Roorkee (India)

Beyond the standard model
12-15 March 2007, Bad Honnef (Germany)

Workshop on Generalized Geometry and Flux Compactifications
19 February - 1 March 2007, Hamburg (Germany)

Latin American school of strings
8-25 January 2007, Bariloche (Argentina)

RTN Winter School on strings, supergravity and gauge theories
15-19 January 2007, Geneva (Switzerland)

From Strings to LHC
2-10 January 2007, Mumbai (India)

Themes in the interface of representation theory and physics
11-15 December 2006, London (UK)

Challenges in particle phenomenology
1-3 December 2006, Vienna (Austria)

1st Iberian cosmology meeting
1-2 December 2006, Porto (Portugal)

Workshop on Geometric and Renormalization Group Flows
22-24 November 2006, Golm (Germany)

The Quest for Unification: Theory confronts Experiments, RTN midterm meeting
22-24 November 2006, Pisa (Italy)

Strings versus cosmology
16-17 November 2006, Madrid (Spain)

Noncommutative Geometry and Quantum Spacetime in Physics
11-15 November 2006, Nishinomiya/Kyoto (Japan)

M-theory in the City
9-11 November 2006, London (UK)

30 years of supergravity
16-20 October 2006, Paris (France)

[http://www.desy.de/uni-th/stringth/SSK/ Introduction to string theory (String Steilkurs Part 1) ]
9-13 October 2006, Hamburg (Germany)

Advanced string school
17-23 September 2006, Bhubaneswar (India)

Constituents, Fundamental Forces and Symmetries of the Universe, RTN midterm meeting
9-13 October 2006, Napoli (Italy)

Mensa colloquium 2006: revolution in cosmology
6-8 October 2006, Albany (New York/USA)

Dark Matter and Dark Energy
29 September - 5 October 2006, Sorrento (Italy)


Schools and Conferences on String Theory and Related Topics is a list maintained by Stefan Fredenhagen, who will synchronise his list with this one