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Seoul (South-Korea), 7-12 January 2013  
Seoul (South-Korea), 7-12 January 2013  

[http://www.brunel.ac.uk/siscm/mathematical-sciences/seminars-and-events/ranwshop12 VIII Brunel-Bielefeld Workshop on Random Matrix Theory]<br>
Uxbridge (UK), 14-15 December 2012

[http://scgp.stonybrook.edu/archives/977 Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry and D-branes]<br>
Stony Brook (USA), 12-16 December 2012
[[Past Conferences 2012]]
[http://laces.web.cern.ch/Laces/LACES12/index12.html LACES 2012 Lezioni Avanzate di Campi E Stringhe]<br>
Galileo Galilei Institute for Theoretical Physics, Arcetri, Florence (Italy), 3-21 December 2012
[http://www.ihes.fr/~vanhove/QFT2012/index.html Amplitudes and Periods]<br>
Bures-sur-Yvette, 3-7 December 2012
[http://homepages.physik.uni-muenchen.de/~Michael.Haack//Workshop__Geometry_and_Physics/Home.html Geometry and Physics]<br>
Munich (Germany), 19-23 November 2012

[http://www.him.uni-bonn.de/programs/current-trimester-program/mathematical-physics/workshop-algebra-geometry-and-physics-of-bps-states/ Algebra, Geometry and Physics of BPS States]<br>
Bonn (Germany) 12-14 November 2012
[http://www.ictp-saifr.org/symbolic Symbolic Computation in Theoretical Physics: Integrability and super-Yang-Mills]<br>
S&atilde;o Paulo (Brazil), 5-16 November 2012
[https://sites.google.com/site/scgcs2012/ Strings, Cosmology and Gravity Student Conference (SCGSC) 2012]<br>
Paris (France), 29-31 October 2012
[http://www.as.huji.ac.il/isf/sft String Field Theory and Related Aspects V, SFT 2012]<br>
Jerusalem (Israel), 28 October - 1 November 2012
[http://www.pctp.princeton.edu/pcts/Entanglement2012/Entanglement2012.html Entanglement in Discrete and Continuous Quantum Systems]<br>
Princeton (USA), 25-26 October 2012
[http://ffn.ub.edu/bcn-encounters/ Barcelona Postgrad Encounters on Fundamental Physics]<br>
Barcelona (Spain), 17-19 October 2012
[http://users.df.uba.ar/gaston/Workshop2012.pdf Workshop on String Theory, Gravity, and Fields]<br>
Buenos Aires (Argentina), 16-17 October 2012
[http://www.iopb.res.in/~string/2012/ Advanced String School]<br>
Puri (India), 12-18 October 2012
[https://indico.desy.de/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=5694 4th Bethe Center Workshop on Unification and String Theory]<br>
Bad Honnef (Germany), 1-5 October 2012
[http://www.ift.uam.es/iftworkshops/index.php?id=25 New Challenges for String Phenomenology]<br>
Madrid (Spain), 26-28 September 2012
[http://th-workshop2012.desy.de/ DESY Theory Workshop: Lessons from the first phase of the LHC]<br>
Hamburg (Germany), 25-28 September 2012
[http://www.match.uni-heidelberg.de/MPMS/index.php Mathematics and Physics of Moduli Spaces]<br>
Heidelberg (Germany), 24-28 September 2012
[http://www.physics.ntua.gr/~konstant/corfu2012-tmp/st.html XVIII European Workshop on String Theory]<br>
Corfu (Greece), 19-26 September 2012
[http://www.umich.edu/~mctp/SciPrgPgs/events/2012/rgflows/ MCTP Workshop on RG Flows, Holography, and Entanglement Entropy]<br>
Ann Arbor (Michigan/USA), 17-21 September 2012
[http://workshop.kias.re.kr/FWST2012/ Autumn Symposium on String/M Theory]<br>
Seoul (Korea), 17-21 September 2012
[http://people.sissa.it/~bonelli/workshops/ws12/index.html Workshop on geometric correspondences of gauge theories]<br>
Trieste (Italy), 17-21 September 2012
AdS/CFT, Integrability, and Supersymmetry<br>
Lyon (France), 12-14 September 2012
[http://hep.physics.uoc.gr/deSitter Young Researchers Workshop on the Physics of de Sitter Spacetime]<br>
Hannover (Germany), 11-14 September 2012
[http://www.physik.lmu.de/amplitudes 2012 Arnold Sommerfeld School - New Methods for Field Theory Amplitudes]<br>
Munich (Germany), 10-14 September 2012
[http://www.math.uni-hamburg.de/dgsusy/ Summer school on Differential Geometry and Supersymmetry]<br>
Hamburg (Germany), 10-14 September 2012
[http://bhsugra2012.aei.mpg.de/ Black Holes in Supergravity and M/Superstring Theory]<br>
Potsdam (Germany), 10-12 September 2012
[http://www.mphys7.ipb.ac.rs 7th Mathematical Physics Meeting: Summer School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics]<br>
Belgrade (Serbia), 9-19 September 2012
[http://www.physics.ntua.gr/~konstant/corfu2012-tmp/sm.html Summer School and Workshop on the Standard Model and Beyond]<br>
Corfu (Greeece), 8-17 September 2012
[http://www.itp.uni-hannover.de/saalburg/ Saalburg Summer School for Graduate Students - Foundations and New Methods in Theoretical Physics]<br>
Wolfersdorf (Germany), 3-14 September 2012
[http://www.segre.es/en/congresos.shtml Spanish Relativity Meeting in Portugal ERE2012]<br>
Guimar&atilde;es (Portugal), 3-7 September 2012
[http://www.maths.bris.ac.uk/~maowg/heilbronn-2012/heilbronn-2012.html String Theory and Arithmetic Geometry]<br>
Bristol (UK), 3-7 September 2012
[http://people.physik.hu-berlin.de/~ahoop/ Recent Developments in String and Field Theory]<br>
Berlin-Schm&ouml;ckwitz (Germany), 27-31 August 2012
[http://www.math.uni-hamburg.de/tft2012/ New Perspectives in Topological Field Theories]<br>
Hamburg (Germany), 27-31 August 2012
[http://www.ulb.ac.be/sciences/ptm/pmif/Rencontres/ModaveVIII/index.html Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics]<br>
Modave (Belgium), 26 August - 1 September 2012
[http://int12.itp.phys.ethz.ch Integrability in Gauge and String Theory 2012]<br>
Zurich (Switzerland), 20-24 August 2012
[http://scgp.stonybrook.edu/archives/3124 2012 Summer Simons Workshop in Mathematics and Physics]<br>
Stony Brook (USA), 30 July - 17 August 2012
[http://wwwth.mpp.mpg.de/members/strings/strings2012/strings.html Strings 2012]<br>
Munich (Germany), 23-28 July 2012
[http://www.hcm.uni-bonn.de/events/eventpages/2012/string-math-2012/ String-Math 2012]<br>
Bonn (Germany), 16-20 July  2012
[http://dftuz.unizar.es/whepcuba2012/ LatinoAmerican Workshop on High Energy Physics: Particles and Strings]<br>
Havana (Cuba), 15-21 July 2012
[http://www.ichep2012.com.au/Home.aspx 36th International Conference on High Energy Physics]<br>
Melbourne (Australia), 4-11 July 2012
[https://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=169551 String Phenomenology - CERN Theory Institute]<br>
Geneva (Switzerland), 2-20 July 2012
[http://scgp.stonybrook.edu/archives/2779 Graduate Summer School on String Phenomenology]<br>
Stony Brook (USA), 2-14 July 2012
[http://www.bctp.uni-bonn.de/bethe-forum/2012/stringmathschool/ Bethe Forum: Lecture Series on Mathematical String Theory]<br>
Bonn (Germany), 2-13 July, 2012
[http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/research/hep/conferences/branes/ Branes, Supergravity and M-Theory: A conference to celebrate the 60th birthday of Paul K Townsend]<br>
DAMTP (Cambridge), 2-3 July 2012
[http://sfp.desy.de International School on Strings and Fundamental Physics - SFP12]<br>
Hamburg (Germany), 01-13 July  2012
[http://www.newton.ac.uk/programmes/BSM/bsmw05.html String Phenomenology 2012]<br>
Cambridge (UK), 25-29 June 2012
[http://www.km.fjfi.cvut.cz/intsystems Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries]<br>
Prague (Czech Republic), 17-23 June 2012
[http://www.lpthe.jussieu.fr/cargese/ Carg&egrave;se School "Gauge Theory and String Theory"]<br>
Carg&egrave;se (France),  4 - 16 June 2012
[http://www.newton.ac.uk/programmes/BSM/bsmw04.html Branes and Black Holes]<br>
London (UK), 28 May - 1 June 2012
[http://planck12.fuw.edu.pl/ Planck 2012]<br>
Warsaw (Poland), 28 May - 1 June 2012
[http://confs.obspm.fr/Blois2012/index.htm Particle Physics and Cosmology]<br>
Blois (France), 27 May - 12 June 2012
[http://maths-old.anu.edu.au/esi/2012/ ESI Program on K-Theory and Quantum Fields]<br>
Vienna (Austria), 21 May - 27 July 2012
[http://scgp.stonybrook.edu/archives/1486 Algebraic Topology, Field Theory and Strings]<br>
Stony Brook (USA), 21-25 May 2012
[http://scgp.stonybrook.edu/archives/1489 String Theory for Mathematicians]<br>
Stony Brook (USA), 14-18 May 2012
[http://www.fma.if.usp.br/~strcosmo/ Natal School on Gravity and String Theory]<br>
Natal (Brazil), 10-24 May 2012
[http://kings-city.wikidot.com/ Maths of String and Gauge Theory]<br>
London (UK), 3-5 May 2012
[http://quark.itp.tuwien.ac.at/~diefaust/Symposium/2012/ The fifth Petrov International Symposium on High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravity]<br>
Kyiv (Ukraine), 29 April - 15 June 2012
[http://scgp.stonybrook.edu/archives/1491 Workshop on String Phenomenology]<br>
Stony Brook (USA), 23-27 April 2012
[http://www.newton.ac.uk/programmes/BSM/bsmw03.html Condensed Matter, Black Holes and Holography]<br>
Cambridge (UK), 16-20 April 2012
[http://www.him.uni-bonn.de/programs/future-programs/future-trimester-programs/integrability-in-geometry-and-mathematical-physics/workshop-integrability-in-topological-field-theory/ Integrability in topological field theory]<br>
Bonn (Germany), 16-20 April 2012
[http://stringtheory.pl/2012/ School stringtheory.pl/2012]<br>
Wroclaw (Poland), 13-15 April  2012
[http://www-users.york.ac.uk/~vr509/ ICFT 2012]<br>
York (UK), 13-14 April 2012
[http://personal.maths.surrey.ac.uk/st/M.Wolf/conferences/dolan/index.html Aspects of conformal and superconformal field theories]<br>
Cambridge (UK), 13 April 2012
[http://quark.itp.tuwien.ac.at/~grumil/ESI2012/ Workshop on Higher Spin Gravity]<br>
Vienna (Austria), 10-20 April 2012
[http://thep.housing.rug.nl/qu2 Second Quantum Universe Symposium]<br>
Groningen (The Netherlands), 4-5 April 2012
[http://jpp1.jp/qftstr12/ Progress in Quantum Field Theory and String Theory]<br>
Osaka City University (Japan), 3-7 April  2012
[http://www.newton.ac.uk/programmes/BSM/bsmw02.html Recent Advances in Scattering Amplitudes]<br>
Cambridge (UK), 2-4 April 2012
[http://www.hep.caltech.edu/ym35/ N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory, 35 Years After]<br>
Pasadena (California/USA), 29 -31 March 2012
[http://cquest.sogang.ac.kr/main/?skin=spring2012.htm CQUeST Spring Workshop on Higher Spins and String Geometry]<br>
Seoul (South Korea), 28-31 March 2012
[http://cdsagenda5.ictp.trieste.it/full_display.php?ida=a11155 Spring School on Superstring Theory and Related Topics]<br>
Trieste (Italy), 19-27 March 2012
[http://www.kitp.ucsb.edu/activities/dbdetails?acro=bitbranes12 Bits, Branes, Black Holes]<br>
Santa Barbara (USA), 19 March - 25 May 2012
[http://scgp.stonybrook.edu/archives/1493 F-Theory Workshop]<br>
Stony Brook (USA), 19-23 March 2012
[http://www.desy.de/uni-th/stringth/bad-honnef/index.html Beyond the standard model]<br>
Bad Honnef (Germany), 12-15 March 2012
[http://amplitudes-2012.desy.de/ Amplitudes 2012]<br>
Hamburg (Germany), 5-9 March 2012
[http://www.universe-Cluster.de/newgauge New perspectives on supersymmetric gauge theories]<br>
Munich (Germany), 27 February - 2 March  2012
[https://indico.nbi.ku.dk/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=397 Nordic String Theory Meeting 2012]<br>
Copenhagen (Danmark), 20-21 February 2012
[http://tena4.vub.ac.be/~eoe/BKKmini.html Bangkok mini-workshop on String Cosmology]<br>
Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), 6-10 February  2012
[https://indico.cern.ch/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=136806 CERN Winter School on Supergravity, Strings, and Gauge Theory 2012]<br>
CERN (Switzerland), 6-10 February  2012
[http://agenda.albanova.se/conferenceDisplay.py?confId=3085 Common trends in gauge fields, strings and integrable systems]<br>
Stockholm (Sweden), 6-10 February  2012
[http://www.newton.ac.uk/programmes/BSM/bsmw01.html Mathematical Aspects of String and M-theory, miniconference] <br>
Isaac Newton Institute (Cambridge), 11-13 January 2012
[http://www.newton.ac.uk/programmes/BSM/index.html Mathematics and Applications of Branes in String and M-theory]<br>
Cambridge (UK), 3 January - 29 June 2012
[[Past Conferences 2011]]
[[Past Conferences 2011]]

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Workshop on Higher-Spin and Higher-Curvature Gravity
Sao Paulo (Brazil), 4-7 November 2013

IXth Modave Summer School in Mathematical Physics
Modave (Belgium), 1-7 September 2013

Integrability in Gauge and String Theory 2013
Utrecht (Netherlands), 19-23 August 2013

StringPheno 2013
Hamburg (Germany), 15-19 July 2013

Frontiers of String Theory
Saclay (France), 1-3 July 2013

Physics and Mathematics of Link Homology (Summer School)
Montreal (Canada), 24 June - 5 July 2013

Strings 2013
Seoul (Korea), 23-29 June 2013

Lie theory and its applications in physics
Varna (Bulgaria), 17-23 June 2013

String-Math 2013
Stonybrook (USA), 17-21 June 2013

Moduli Spaces and their Invariants in Mathematical Physics
Montreal (Canada), 3-14 June 2013

Amplitudes 2013
Munich (Germany), 28 April - 3 May 2013

XXV Workshop Beyond the Standard Model
Bad Honnef (Germany), 18-21 March 2013

49-th Winter School of Theoretical Physics: Cosmology and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics
Ladek Zdroj (Poland), 10-16 February 2013

Holography and Applied String Theory
Banff (Canada), 10-15 February 2013

CERN Winter School on Supergravity, Strings and Gauge Theory
CERN (Switzerland), 4-8 February 2013

Bangkok Workshop on Gravity, Gauge Theory, Matrices and Strings
Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), 28 January - 1 February 2013

Iberian Strings 2013
Lisbon (Portugal), 22-25 January 2013

From Classical to Quantum GR: Applications to Black Holes
Brighton (UK), 16-18 January 2013

Quantum Aspects of Black Holes
Seoul (South-Korea), 7-12 January 2013


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