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see also Braneworlds


Inflation and String Theory
by Daniel Baumann and Liam McAllister (1404.2601 [hep-th], 349 pages, 48 figures. Draft of a book to be published by Cambridge UP.)

Introduction to Early Universe Cosmology
by Robert H. Brandenberger (McGill University) (1103.2271 [hep-th], 70 pages, 12 figures)

Introduction to Superstring Cosmology
by Costas Kounnas (1002.3063 [hep-th], 6 pages)

Lectures on inflation and cosmological perturbations
by David Langlois (1001.5259 [hep-th], 56 pages, 5 figures)

TASI Lectures on Inflation
by Daniel Baumann (0907.5424 [hep-th], 160 pages, 42 figures)

Seeing through the String Landscape - a String Hunter's Companion in Particle Physics and Cosmology
by Dieter Lust (0904.4601 [hep-th], 94 pages)

A primer on problems and prospects of dark energy
by M. Sami (0904.3445 [hep-th], 21 pages)

Cosmic Strings and Cosmic Superstrings
by Mairi Sakellariadou (0902.0569 [hep-th], 23 pages, 14 figures)

String Gas Cosmology
by Thorsten Battefeld and Scott Watson (hep-th/0510022, 56 pages, 1 figure)

String Gas Cosmology
by Robert H. Brandenberger (0808.0530 [hep-th], 35 pages, 11 figures)

On the Quantum Origin of Structure in the Inflationary Universe
by D. Baumann (hep-th/0710.3187, 29 pages)

String Cosmology: A Review
by Liam McAllister, Eva Silverstein (0710.2951, 55 pages)

TASI Lectures on the Cosmological Constant
by Raphael Bousso (0708.4231, 39 pages, 3 figures)

Lectures on Cosmic Inflation and its Potential Stringy Realizations
by C.P. Burgess (hep-th/0708.2865, 68 pages)

Resource Letter BE-1: The Beginning and Evolution of the Universe
by B. Ratra, M.S. Vogeley (astro-ph/0706.1565, 95 pages)

Inflationary Cosmology
by Andrei Linde (0705.0164, 60 pages, 10 figures)

Inflationary Perturbations: the Cosmological Schwinger Effect
by J. Martin (hep-th/0704.3540, 49 pages)

TASI Lectures: Introduction to Cosmology
by Mark Trodden, Sean M. Carroll (astro-ph/0401547, 82 pages, 12 figures)

A Status Review of Inflationary Cosmology
by Robert H. Brandenberger (hep-ph/0101119, 20 pages)

Inflationary Cosmology: Progress and Problems
by Robert H. Brandenberger (hep-ph/9910410, 43 pages, 8 figures)

Introduction to Cosmology
by G. Lazarides (hep-ph/9904502, 15 pages)

TASI Lectures: Cosmology for String Theorists
by Sean M. Carroll (hep-th/0011110, 56 pages, 3 figures)

String Cosmology
by Nick E. Mavromatos (hep-th/0111275, 64 pages, 11 figures)

Lectures on string/brane cosmology
by F. Quevedo (hep-th/0210292, 75 pages, 29 figures)

The Cosmological Constant and Dark Energy
by P. J. E. Peebles, Bharat Ratra (astro-ph/0207347, 55 pages)

Measuring spacetime: from big bang to black holes
by Max Tegmark (astro-ph/0207199, 4 figures)

The Pre-Big Bang Scenario in String Cosmology.
by M. Gasperini, G. Veneziano (hep-th/0207130, 250 pages, 34 figures)

Dark Energy and the Preposterous Universe
by Sean M. Carroll (astro-ph/0107571, 17 pages)

The Enigma of the Dark Matter
by Shaaban Khalil, Carlos Munoz (hep-ph/0110122, 20 pages, 5 figures)

The Promise of String Cosmology
by Robert H. Brandenberger (hep-th/0103156)

The first second of the Universe
by Dominik J. Schwarz (astro-ph/0303574, 51 pages, 16 figures)

String Cosmology
by Nick E. Mavromatos (hep-th/0111275, 64 pages, 11 figures)

New Developments in String Gravity and String Cosmology. A Summary Report.
by Norma G. Sanchez (hep-th/0209016)

The Cosmic Microwave Background
by Arthur Kosowsky (astro-ph/0102402, 52 pages)

Theories of Everything and Hawking's Wave Function of the Universe
by James B. Hartle (gr-qc/0209047, 14 pages, 4 figures)

Lectures on Quantum Cosmology
by T. Christodoulakis (gr-qc/0109059, 34 pages)

Lectures on Cosmic Topological Defects
by Tanmay Vachaspati (hep-ph/0101270, 34 pages)

An introduction to quantum cosmology
by D.L. Wiltshire (gr-qc/0101003, 60 pages, 11 figures)

The Cosmological Constant Problems
by Steven Weinberg (astro-ph/0005265, 10 pages)

The Cosmological Constant
by Sean M. Carroll (astro-ph/0004075, 50 pages)

String cosmology versus standard and inflationary cosmology
by M. Gasperini (hep-th/0004149, 22 pages, 3 figures)

The Interface of Cosmology with String and M(ILLENNIUM) Theory
by D. Easson (hep-th/0003086, 49 pages, 10 figures)

String Cosmology: The Pre-Big Bang Scenario
by G. Veneziano (hep-th/0002094, 46 pages, 8 figures)

Cosmology report
by Martin J. Rees (astro-ph/9912373)

M Theory and Cosmology
by Tom Banks (hep-th/9911067, 86 pages, 3 figures)

The Cosmic Triangle: Revealing the State of the Universe
by N. Bahcall, J.P. Ostriker, S. Perlmutter, P. J. Steinhardt (astro-ph/9906463, 36 pages, 8 figures)

Determination of cosmological parameters: an introduction for non-specialists
by Palash B. Pal (hep-ph/9906447, 12 pages)

Why Cosmologists Believe the Universe is Accelerating
by Michael S. Turner (astro-ph/9904049, 14 pages, 9 figures)

The Standard Cosmological Model and CMB Anisotropies
by James G. Bartlett (astro-ph/9903260, 44 pages)

An introduction to cosmological inflation
by Andrew R Liddle (astro-ph/9901124, 36 pages, 5 figures)

Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Inflation
by Michael S. Turner (astro-ph/9704062, 34 pages, 11 figures)

Lecture Notes on General Relativity
by Sean M. Carroll (gr-qc/9712019, 238 pages, numerous figures)

Doppler peaks and all that: CMB anisotropies and what they can tell us
by Max Tegmark (astro-ph/9511148, 40 pages)