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see also Gauge Theory, Supersymmetry


Lectures on Superstring and M Theory Dualities
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/9607201, 67 pages, 1 figure)

Target Space Duality in String Theory
by A. Giveon, M. Porrati, E. Rabinovici (hep-th/9401139, 151 pages, 10 figures)

U-duality and M-Theory
by N.A. Obers, B. Pioline (hep-th/9809039, 132 pages, 37 tables)
While primarily a review of U-duality, this work includes an important discussion of dualities in matrix theory.

String Theory and Duality
by Paul S. Aspinwall (math.AG/9809004, 10 pages)

Les Houches Lectures on Fields, Strings and Duality
by R. Dijkgraaf (hep-th/9703136, 152 pages, 31 figures)

Lectures on Strings and Dualities
by Cumrun Vafa (hep-th/9702201, 53 pages)

Duality in String Theory
by Stefan Forste, Jan Louis (hep-th/9612192, 38 pages, 2 figures)

K3 Surfaces and String Duality
by Paul S. Aspinwall (hep-th/9611137, 109 pages, 11 figures)

An Introduction to T-Duality in String Theory
by E. Alvarez, L. Alvarez-Gaume, Y. Lozano (hep-th/9410237, 1 figure)

Magnetic Monopoles, Duality, and Supersymmetry
by Jeffrey A. Harvey (hep-th/9603086, 62 pages)

Duality in Quantum Field Theory (and String Theory).
by Luis Alvarez-Gaume, Frederic Zamora (hep-th/9709180, 38 pages, 7 figures)

Duality and Global Symmetries
by Fernando Quevedo (hep-th/9706210, 19 pages)

Lectures on Special Kahler Geometry and Electric-Magnetic Duality Rotations
by Pietro Fre' (hep-th/9512043, 56 pages)