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see also The AdS/CFT correspondence, Black Holes


Black Holes, Information and the String Theory Revolution
by Leonard Susskind and James Lindsay (World Scientific Publishing, 2005)


Horizons, holography and condensed matter
by Sean A. Hartnoll (1106.4324 [hep-th], 34 pages)

Extremal black holes, Holography & Coarse graining
by Joan Simon (1106.0116 [hep-th], 68 pages, 6 figures)

The holographic principle
by Raphael Bousso (hep-th/0203101, 51 pages, 10 figures)

TASI lectures on the Holographic Principle
by Daniela Bigatti, Leonard Susskind (hep-th/0002044, 37 pages, 20 figures)