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see also Spin chains and integrability in the AdS/CFT correspondence, Mathematics


Introduction to Quantum Integrability
by Anastasia Doikou, Stefano Evangelisti, Giovanni Feverati, Nikos Karaiskos (0912.3350 [math-ph], 56 pages)

Gauge theories, Simple Groups and Integrable Systems
by M.A.Olshanetsky (0911.5257 [hep-th], 31 pages)

Three lectures on classical integrable systems and gauge field theories
by M.Olshanetsky (0802.3857 [hep-th], 36 pages)

Introduction to Yangian Symmetry in Integrable Field Theory
by N. MacKay (hep-th/0409183, 36 pages)

Lectures on Integrable Hierarchies and Vertex Operators
by A.A. Vladimirov (hep-th/0402097, 28 pages)

Lectures on Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory and Integrable Systems
by Eric D'Hoker, D. H. Phong (hep-th/9912271, 124 pages, 1 figure)

Intersection Theory, Integrable Hierarchies and Topological Field Theory
by R. Dijkgraaf (hep-th/9201003, 73 pages)