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==String Theory Wiki==
#REDIRECT [[String Theory Wiki]]
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Welcome to the String Theory Wiki! This wiki is aimed at students
learning string theory.  It lists and reviews useful string theory
resources, such as review papers. It does not (yet) host its own
A [ wiki] is a webpage which users
can edit (like the encyclopedia
[ Wikipedia]). To edit a page,
register and then click on the "edit" link at the top of each page.
*The [[Help:contents|help]] editing the wiki
*The [[meta.html|meta]] money, moderation
*The [[sell.html|hard sell]]
* [[stringtheorypublic.html|String theory for non-physicists]]
* [[stringtheory.html|General string theory]]
* [[dbranes.html| D branes]]
* [[adscft.html|The AdS/CFT correspondence]]
** Holographic renormalisation
** The BPS sector
** [[bmn.html|The BMN limit]]
** Spin chains and integrability
* Flux compactifications
* M Theory
** Matrix theory
** Membranes
*Quantum Field Theory
*Representation Theory
*Differential Geometry
*General Relativity
*Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetimes
*Black Holes
*[[computers.html|Maths and computers]]
*Using the arXiv
This wiki was set up by members of the
[ String Theory Group] at Queen Mary,
University of London, but does not represent the views of the Group or
the University, etc.

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