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Link to table of accounts.
Link to table of accounts.
===Copyright and Licensing===
===Format testing===
===Format testing===

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The sole purpose of this website is to be useful for people learning string theory.


No moderation of content should be necessary. However, offensive comments will be removed. For example "This review of string theory doesn't mention the important topic of conformal field theory" is preferable to "This review is rubbish".


Link to table of accounts.

Copyright and Licensing

Format testing

Format test

Future directions


Postdocs (ask Costas)




We thank:

  • Alberto Guijosa Hidalgo, on whose list of reviews this website is based.
  • George Cox for hosting the wiki and setting up the software.
  • Stefan Fredenhagen for incorporating his list of string schools and conferences.
  • Bill Spence for his support and encouragement.
  • All those who have written reviews.

Metadata harvesting

OAI-PMH interface http://arxiv.org/help/arxiv_identifier_for_services



http://arxiv.org/oai2/ is baseURL

http://citebase.eprints.org/cgi-bin/oai2 is the baseURL OAI2 interface for citebase data


A request needs a very and record identifier, e.g. http://arxiv.org/oai2?verb=GetRecord&identifier=oai:arXiv.org:hep-th/9901001&metadataPrefix=oai_dc

It would be good to get a utility to harvest paper metadata (see http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/openarchivesprotocol.html )

Make an HTTP request to the repository for oai:arXiv.org:cs/0112017, which responds in XML.