Perturbative scattering amplitudes

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see also Gauge Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Twistor String Theory


On-Shell Methods in Perturbative QCD
by Zvi Bern, Lance J. Dixon, David A. Kosower (0704.2798, 49 pages, 15 figures)

Multi-Parton Amplitudes in Gauge Theories
by Michelangelo Mangano, Stephen Parke (hep-th/0509223 84 pages, 12 figures)

Progress in One-Loop QCD Computations
by Z. Bern, L. Dixon, D. A. Kosower (hep-ph/9602280)

Calculating Scattering Amplitudes Efficiently
by Lance Dixon (hep-ph/9601359 45 pages, 11 figures)

String-Based Perturbative Methods for Gauge Theories
by Zvi Bern (hep-ph/9304249, 66 pages)


recursion relations

New Recursion Relations for Tree Amplitudes of Gluons
by Ruth Britto, Freddy Cachazo, Bo Feng (hep-th/0412308 27 pages, 6 figures)

Direct Proof Of Tree-Level Recursion Relation In Yang-Mills Theory
by Ruth Britto, Freddy Cachazo, Bo Feng, Edward Witten (hep-th/0501052 10 pages, 1 figure)

Bootstrapping One-Loop QCD Amplitudes with General Helicities
by Carola F. Berger, Zvi Bern, Lance J. Dixon, Darren Forde, David A. Kosower (hep-ph/0604195, 77 pages, 17 figures)