Quantum Gravity

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A dialog on quantum gravity
by Carlo Rovelli (hep-th/0310077, 20 pages)

Causal Sets: Discrete Gravity (Notes for the Valdivia Summer School)
by Rafael D. Sorkin (gr-qc/0309009, 27 pages)

How far are we from the quantum theory of gravity?
by Lee Smolin (hep-th/0303185, 84 pages, 1 figure)

Spin Foam Models for Quantum Gravity
by Alejandro Perez (gr-qc/0301113, 80 pages)

Lectures on Loop Quantum Gravity
by Thomas Thiemann (gr-qc/0210094, 90 pages, 18 figures)

Quantum gravity with a positive cosmological constant
by Lee Smolin (hep-th/0209079, 59 pages)

The Quantum Geometer's Universe: Particles, Interactions and Topology
by Jan Govaerts (hep-th/0207276, 94 pages)

Perturbative Quantum Gravity and its Relation to Gauge Theory
by Zvi Bern (gr-qc/0206071, 50 pages)

Introduction to Modern Canonical Quantum General Relativity
by Thomas Thiemann (gr-qc/0110034, 301 pages)

Quantum Gravity: a Progress Report
by S. Carlip (gr-qc/0108040, 72 pages, 5 figures)

Quantum Gravity at the Turn of the Millennium
by Gary T. Horowitz (gr-qc/0011089, 17 pages)

Notes for a brief history of quantum gravity
by Carlo Rovelli (gr-qc/0006061)

The century of the incomplete revolution: searching for general relativistic quantum field theory
by Carlo Rovelli (hep-th/9910131)

Loop Quantum Gravity and the Meaning of Diffeomorphism Invariance
by Marcus Gaul, Carlo Rovelli (gr-qc/9910079, 52 pages, 17 figures)

Loop quantum gravity and quanta of space: a primer
by Carlo Rovelli, Peush Upadhya (gr-qc/9806079, 11 pages)

Strings, loops and others: a critical survey of the present approaches to quantum gravity
by Carlo Rovelli (gr-qc/9803024)

Loop Quantum Gravity
by Carlo Rovelli (gr-qc/9710008, 34 pages)

Quantum Gravity and String Theory, What Have We Learned?
by A. Strominger (hep-th/9110011, 17 pages)