Representation Theory

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see also Mathematics


Lie Algebras in Particle Physics
by H. Georgi (Perseus Books, 1999)

Representation Theory
by Fulton and Harris (Springer, 1991)

Symmetries, Lie Algebras and Representations
by J. Fuchs and C. Schweigert (2nd ed., CUP, 2003)

Groups, Representations and Physics
by H. F. Jones (2nd ed., IOP Publishing, 1998)

Gauge Theory of Elementary Particle Physics
by T-P. Cheng and L-F. Li (Oxford, 1984)


The Unitary Representations of the Poincare Group in Any Spacetime Dimension
by X. Bekaert, N. Boulanger (hep-th/0611263, 50 pages)

Particle Physics as Representations of the Poincare Algebra
by L. Brink (hep-th/0503035, 25 pages)

An Elementary Introduction to Groups and Representations
by B.C. Hall (math-ph/0005032, 128 pages)