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see also Branes


Topological Solitons
by Nicholas Manton, Paul Sutcliffe (CUP, 2004)

Supersymmetric Solitons
by M. Shifman and A. Yung (CUP, 2009)


Lectures on instantons
by Stefan Vandoren, Peter van Nieuwenhuizen (0802.1862 [hep-th], 118 pages, 11 figures)

Instantons: topological aspects
by Marcos Jardim (math/0509348, 12 pages)
concise review for Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics (Elsevier, 2006)

TASI Lectures on Solitons
by David Tong (hep-th/0509216, 139 pages)

Monopoles, Instantons and Confinement
by Gerard 't Hooft and Falk Bruckmann (hep-th/0010225, 72 pages, 45 figures)