Spin chains and integrability

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Spinning strings and integrable spin chains in the AdS/CFT correspondence
by Jan Plefka (hep-th/0507136, 40 pages)

Integrability in QCD and beyond
by A.V. Belitsky, V.M. Braun, A.S. Gorsky, G.P. Korchemsky (hep-th/0407232, 87 pages, 4 figures)

The Dilatation operator of N=4 super Yang-Mills theory and integrability
by Niklas Beisert (hep-th/0407277, 230 pages)

Classical/quantum integrability in AdS/CFT
by V.A.Kazakov, A.Marshakov, J.A.Minahan, K.Zarembo (hep-th/0402207, 49 pages, 5 figures)


Integrability and AdS/CFT
by Nick Dorey at RTN Winterschool 2008 (includes PDF and video)

Integrability in Gauge Theory and String Theory
by Nick Dorey (6 talks in October-November 2006 at Imperial College, London)