Topological Strings

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Chern-Simons Theory, Matrix Models, and Topological Strings
by Marcos Marino (208 pages, Oxford University Press, 2005)


Cargese lectures on string theory with eight supercharges
by Monica Guica, Andrew Strominger (0704.3295, 30 pages, 7 figures)
These lectures give an introduction to the interrelated topics of Calabi-Yau compactification of the type II string, black hole attractors, the all-orders entropy formula, the dual (0,4) CFT, topological strings and the OSV conjecture.

Lectures on Black Holes, Topological Strings and Quantum Attractors
by Boris Pioline (hep-th/0607227, 103 pages, 8 figures)

Introduction to Topological String Theory on Calabi-Yau manifolds (link to PDF)
by Albrecht Klemm (126 pages)
lecture given at Algebraic Geometry & Topological Strings at Lisbon in 2005

A mini-course on topological strings
by Marcel Vonk (hep-th/0504147, 120 pages, 17 figures)

Topological strings and their physical applications
by Andrew Neitzke, Cumrun Vafa (hep-th/0410178, 82 pages, 20 figures)

Chern-Simons Theory and Topological Strings
by Marcos Marino (hep-th/0406005, 46 pages, 25 figures)