Twistor String Theory

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Lectures on Twistor Strings and Perturbative Yang-Mills Theory
by Freddy Cachazo, Peter Svrcek (hep-th/0504194 57 pages, 14 figures)

Studies in field theories: MHV vertices, twistor space, recursion relations and chiral rings
by Peter Svrcek (176 pages)
This is Svrcek's Ph.D. thesis and contains review material as well as presentation of some of the first work on the subject.


Perturbative Gauge Theory As A String Theory In Twistor Space
by Edward Witten (hep-th/0312171 97 pages)


Twistor String Theory
Website of workshop held at The Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford on 10-14 January 2005.

From Twistors to Amplitudes
Workshop held at Queen Mary, University of London on 3-5 November 2005.

Twistor Theory
Wikipedia Article.