Non-BPS/Unstable Branes

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see also String Field Theory


Lectures on Non-BPS Dirichlet branes
by Matthias R Gaberdiel (hep-th/0005029, 46 pages, 5 figures)

TASI Lectures on Non-BPS D-Brane Systems
by John H.Schwarz (hep-th/9908144, 39 pages)

Stable non-BPS states in string theory: a pedagogical review
by A. Lerda, R. Russo (hep-th/9905006, 58 pages, 1 figure)

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by Ashoke Sen (hep-th/9904207, 53 pages, 17 figures)

Lectures on D-branes, tachyon condensation, and string field theory
by Washington Taylor (hep-th/0301094, 52 pages, 3 figures)

Worldsheet Description of Tachyon Condensation in Open String Theory
by Tadaoki Uesugi (hep-th/0302125, 119 pages)

Defects, Decay, and Dissipated States
by Emil J. Martinec (hep-th/0210231, 45 pages, 21 figures)

D-Branes, Tachyons and K-Homology
by Richard J. Szabo (hep-th/0209210, 18 pages, 3 figures)

A Review on Tachyon Condensation in Open String Field Theories
by Kazuki Ohmori (hep-th/0102085, 256 pages, 30 figures)

Komaba Lectures on Noncommutative Solitons and D-Branes
by Jeffrey A.Harvey (hep-th/0102076, 43 pages)

Tachyon Condensation: Calculations in String Field Theory
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