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see also Non-BPS/Unstable Branes


Analytical Solutions of Open String Field Theory
by Ehud Fuchs, Michael Kroyter (0807.4722 [hep-th], 106 pages, 8 figures)

String Field Theory
by Leonardo Rastelli (hep-th/0509129, 20 pages, 3 figures)
concise review for the Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics, Elsevier (2006)

D-Branes, Tachyons, and String Field Theory
by Washington Taylor, Barton Zwiebach (hep-th/0311017, 103 pages, 11 figures)

Light-Cone String Field Theory in a Plane Wave Background
by Marcus Spradlin, Anastasia Volovich (hep-th/0310033, 46 pages, 4 figures)
Spradlin and Volovich review the plane-wave limit of AdS/CFT and describe how string field theory calculations of string interactions in 9+1 dimensional plane-wave spacetimes match interactions calculated using N=4 super Yang-Mills gauge theory in a 3+1 conformally flat spacetime. The paper includes an elementary introduction to light-cone string field theory.

Topics in String Field Theory
by L. Bonora, C. Maccaferri, D. Mamone, M. Salizzoni (hep-th/0304270, 47 pages, 1 figure)

Lectures on D-branes, tachyon condensation, and string field theory
by Washington Taylor (hep-th/0301094, 52 pages, 3 figures)

MSFT: Moyal Star Formulation of String Field Theory
by Itzhak Bars (hep-th/0211238, 22 pages)

Introduction to string field theory
by W. Siegel (hep-th/0107094, 247 pages)

Vacuum String Field Theory
by Leonardo Rastelli, Ashoke Sen, Barton Zwiebach (hep-th/0106010, 31 pages, 3 figures)

Review of Open Superstring Field Theory
by Nathan Berkovits (hep-th/0105230, 17 pages)

A Review on Tachyon Condensation in Open String Field Theories
by Kazuki Ohmori (hep-th/0102085, 256 pages, 30 figures)

Noncommutative Field Theories and (Super)String Field Theories
by I.Ya.Aref'eva, D.M.Belov, A.A.Giryavets, A.S.Koshelev, P.B.Medvedev (hep-th/0111208, 160 pages, 29 figures)

Tachyon Condensation: Calculations in String Field Theory
by Pieter-Jan De Smet (hep-th/0109182, 130 pages, 20 figures)

Closed String Field Theory: An Introduction
by Barton Zwiebach (hep-th/9305026, 31 pages)

String Field Theory on