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see also Branes


Topological Solitons
by Nicholas Manton, Paul Sutcliffe (CUP, 2004)


Lectures on instantons
by Stefan Vandoren, Peter van Nieuwenhuizen (0802.1862 [hep-th], 118 pages, 11 figures)

Instantons: topological aspects
by Marcos Jardim (math/0509348, 12 pages)
concise review for Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics (Elsevier, 2006)

TASI Lectures on Solitons
by David Tong (hep-th/0509216, 139 pages)

Monopoles, Instantons and Confinement
by Gerard 't Hooft and Falk Bruckmann (hep-th/0010225, 72 pages, 45 figures)