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see also D branes


by M. J. Duff (hep-th/9611203, 76 pages)

Branes, Calibrations and Supergravity
by Jerome P. Gauntlett (hep-th/0305074, 47 pages)

Intersecting brane solutions in string and M-theory
by Douglas J. Smith (hep-th/0210157, 84 pages)

Lectures on Branes in Curved Backgrounds
by Volker Schomerus (hep-th/0209241, 109 pages, 11 figures)

Brane Theory Solitons
by P.K. Townsend (hep-th/0004039, 31 pages)

String/M-branes for Relativists
by Donald Marolf (gr-qc/9908045, 50 pages, 6 figures)
This brief introduction to branes conveys some basic aspects of brane physics and perspectives on string theory to those trained in general relativity.

Lectures on Supergravity p-branes
by K.S. Stelle (hep-th/9701088, 53 pages, 4 figures)

Black Holes and Solitons in String Theory
by Donam Youm (hep-th/9710046, 240 pages)
An encylclopedic review of black-hole and black-brane solutions.

BPS Branes in Supergravity
by K.S. Stelle (hep-th/9803116, 99 pages, 7 figures)
Stelle provides a useful introduction to brane solutions in supergravity, containing many details of supersymmetry, Kaluza-Klein reduction, and low-velocity scattering of branes.

Gaugings and other supergravity tools of p-brane physics
by Pietro Fre' (hep-th/0102114, 122 pages)

Branes and Brane Worlds in M-Theory
by J.F. Vazquez-Poritz (hep-th/0110084, 189 pages, 15 figures)

Supergravity, Brane Dynamics and String Duality
by P. West (hep-th/9811101, 109 pages, 2 figures)

Brane Physics in M Theory
by Riccardo Argurio (hep-th/9807171, 206 pages, PhD thesis)

Black Holes and Solitons in String Theory
by Ashoke Sen (hep-th/9210050, 24 pages)

Supersymmetric String Solitons
by C.G.Callan Jr., J.A.Harvey, A.E.Strominger (hep-th/9112030, 42 pages)

Instantons and Solitons in Heterotic String Theory
by Curtis G. Callan, Jr. (hep-th/9109052, 24 pages)