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see also Branes, The AdS/CFT correspondence


by Clifford Johnson (CUP, 2003)
This begins with a pedagogical quantization of a single string and moves on to address many modern topics such as fractional branes, the enhancon mechanism, and dielectric branes.


Lectures on D-branes
by Constantin P. Bachas (hep-th/9806199, 61 pages, 8 figures)

D-Brane Primer
by Clifford V. Johnson (hep-th/0007170, 222 pages)

TASI Lectures on D-Branes
by Joseph Polchinski (hep-th/9611050, 63 pages, 13 figures)

D branes in string theory, I
by Paolo Di Vecchia, Antonella Liccardo (hep-th/9912161, 58 pages)

D branes in string theory, II
by Paolo Di Vecchia, Antonella Liccardo (hep-th/9912275, 43 pages)

Gauge Theories from D Branes
by Paolo Di Vecchia, Antonella Liccardo (hep-th/0307104, 46 pages)
a condensed summary of the above two papers

Nonabelian Phenomena on D-branes
by Robert C. Myers (hep-th/0303072)

Scattering of Strings from D-branes
by Akikazu Hashimoto, Igor Klebanov (hep-th/9611214, 16 pages, 4 figures)

Etudes on D-Branes
by Clifford V. Johnson (hep-th/9812196, 56 pages, 12 figures)

Brane Dynamics and Gauge Theory
by A. Giveon, D. Kutasov (hep-th/9802067, 291 pages, 52 figures)

Worldvolume Dynamics of Branes
by J. M. Camino (hep-th/0210249, 196 pages)

On Algebraic Singularities, Finite Graphs and D-Brane Gauge Theories: A String Theoretic Perspective
by Yang-Hui He (hep-th/0209230, 513 pages, 71 figures)

D-branes from conformal field theory
by Matthias R Gaberdiel (hep-th/0201113, 19 pages, 4 figures)

A Brief History of the Stringy Instanton
by Nick Dorey, Timothy J. Hollowood, Valentin V. Khoze (hep-th/0010015, 17 pages)

Introduction to D-branes
by Larus Thorlacius (hep-th/9708078, 13 pages, 4 figures)

(Half) a Lecture on D-branes
by C. Bachas (hep-th/9701019, 20 pages)

Superstring Dualities, Dirichlet Branes and the Small Scale Structure of Space
by Michael R. Douglas (hep-th/9610041, 29 pages)

Introduction to D-Branes
by Clifford V. Johnson (hep-th/9606196, 6 pages, 6 figures)

Notes on D-Branes
by Joseph Polchinski, Shyamoli Chaudhuri, Clifford V. Johnson (hep-th/9602052, 45 pages)

D-branes and boundary states in closed string theories
by Ben Craps (hep-th/0004198, 210 pages, 24 figures)


Dirichlet-Branes and Ramond-Ramond Charges
by Joseph Polchinski (hep-th/9510017)