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Physics and Geometry
by Peter G. O. Freund (hep-th/0401092)

From Concept to Reality to Vision
by Frank Wilczek (hep-ph/0401035, 7 pages)

String Theory: a theory in search of an experiment
by Howard J. Schnitzer (physics/031104, 7 pages)

Monopoles, Duality, and String Theory
by Joseph Polchinski (hep-th/0304042)

Comments On String Theory
by Edward Witten (hep-th/0212247, 10 pages)

Inventory and Outlook of High Energy Physics
by Frank Wilczek (hep-ph/0212128, 21 pages, 19 figures)

QCD and Natural Philosophy
by Frank Wilczek (physics/0212025, 18 pages)

String theory: an update
by Jan de Boer (hep-th/0210224, 20 pages, 2 figures)

M Theory: Uncertainty and Unification
by Joseph Polchinski (hep-th/0209105, 10 pages, 1 figure)

Four Big Questions with Pretty Good Answers
by Frank Wilczek (hep-ph/0201222, 19 pages)

The world in eleven dimensions: a tribute to Oskar Klein
by M. J. Duff (hep-th/0111237, 38 pages, 15 figures)

Trialogue on the number of fundamental constants
by M. J. Duff, L. B. Okun, G. Veneziano (physics/0110060, 38 pages)

String Theory, Large Dimensions and Supersymmetry
by Michael Dine (hep-th/0107263, 9 pages)

Anomaly Cancellation: A Retrospective From a Modern Perspective
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/0107059, 11 pages)

String Theory Origins of Supersymmetry
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/0011078, 14 pages)

Recent Developments in Superstring Theory
by Ashoke Sen (hep-lat/0011073, 14 pages)

Why do we need supersymmetry?
by Sergei V. Ketov (hep-th/0011042, 5 pages)

Recent Progress in Superstring Theory
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/0007130, 13 pages)

String Theory: The Early Years
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/0007118, 10 pages)

Quantum Gravity at the Planck Length
by Joseph Polchinski (hep-th/9812104, 33 pages, 11 figures)

Introduction to M Theory and AdS/CFT Duality
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/9812037, 26 pages)

Developments in Superstring Theory
by Ashoke Sen (hep-ph/9810356, 11 pages)

Beyond Gauge Theories
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/9807195, 14 pages)

From Superstrings to M Theory
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/9807135, 21 pages)

A Layman's Guide to M-theory
by M. J. Duff (hep-th/9805177, 32 pages)

String Theory, Supersymmetry, Unification, and All That
by John H. Schwarz, Nathan Seiberg (hep-th/9803179, 21 pages, 5 figure)

Quantum Gravity/String/M-theory/ as we approach the 3rd Millennium
by G W Gibbons (gr-qc/9803065, 22 pages, 2 figures)

The Status of String Theory
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/9711029, 16 pages, 2 figures)

Recent Developments in String Theory
by W. Lerche (hep-th/9710246, 16 pages, 12 figures)

Duality, Strings and Supergravity: a Status Report
by Sergio Ferrara (hep-th/9708164, 12 pages)

What is Quantum Field Theory, and What Did We Think It Is?
by Steven Weinberg (hep-th/9702027, 17 pages)

The Second Superstring Revolution
by John H. Schwarz (hep-th/9607067, 8 pages, 2 figures)

String Duality - A Colloquium
by Joseph Polchinski (hep-th/9607050, 41 pages, 7 figures)

Recent Results in String Duality
by Joseph Polchinski (hep-th/9511157, 11 pages)

The Power of Duality - Exact Results in 4D SUSY Field Theory
by Nathan Seiberg (hep-th/9506077, 15 pages)